It’s no secret that “editorial” is IN, which might just move our Chronicle template for Showit to the top of your list. With a strong use of typography and traditional newspaper style layouts, this template is a definite scroll stopper. This design is packed full of features for services, digital product sales, educational offers and more. Chronicle is full of hidden gems that will have your clients picking up their jaw with every click to the next page!

Meticulously Tailored for Vibrant Event Professionals

Step into a world of color and creativity with “Flamingo,” a Showit template designed specifically for wedding planners, party planners, and event coordinators who desire to infuse their online presence with fun, bold, and modern elements. This template not only captures the essence of celebration but also strategically drives business results with its stunning aesthetics and functional design.

Why Choose the “Flamingo” Template?

• Vibrantly Modern Design: With “Flamingo,” your website will stand out with vibrant colors and modern design elements, reflecting the fun and energy of your events and appealing directly to your target audience.

• Shop Page Excellence: Seamlessly integrated with Shopify and Thrivecart, the shop page is expertly crafted to convert visitors into clients by providing a smooth and engaging shopping experience for booking services or purchasing event-related products.

• Portfolio Display: Showcase your beautifully orchestrated events with a portfolio that highlights your expertise in creating memorable occasions, thereby building trust and exciting potential clients.

• Distinctive Blog Design: Connect with your audience through a uniquely designed blog. Share tips, event highlights, and industry insights in a space that’s as engaging as the events you plan.

• Strategy-Focused Layout: “Flamingo” is not just about good looks; every element is placed with a purpose. The layout guides visitors through a journey—from discovering your services to making a booking or inquiry.

• Desktop and Mobile Optimized: Ensure a flawless experience on any device. “Flamingo” guarantees your site looks great and functions perfectly whether on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

• SEO-Enhanced: Optimize your online visibility. “Flamingo” is built with SEO best practices to help you rank higher in search results, drawing more traffic and potential clients to your site.

Benefits of Using “Flamingo”

• Tailored for Event Planners: Specifically designed for the needs of event professionals, “Flamingo” reflects the energy and elegance of your work, making it the perfect online counterpart to your real-world creativity.

• Customizable to Your Brand: Adapt “Flamingo” to match your brand’s unique style with easy customization tools. Change colors, fonts, and more to align with your visual identity.

• Scalable and Flexible: As your business evolves, so can your site. “Flamingo” supports your growth with the ability to add new features and expand content as needed.

Why Choose a Showit Template?

• Drag-and-Drop Simplicity: Showit’s intuitive platform allows you to design your website visually, making it accessible and enjoyable to create a professional online presence without needing to code.

• Creative Freedom Unleashed: With Showit, your creativity is the limit. Express your brand’s personality with extensive customization options that allow you to bring any vision to life.

• Robust WordPress Integration: Combine the best of Showit’s design flexibility with WordPress’s powerful blogging and content management capabilities for an all-encompassing digital solution.

Launch Your Website with “Flamingo”

Ready to elevate your event planning business? Choose “Flamingo” and create a website that’s as lively and memorable as the events you craft. It’s more than just a template—it’s a strategic asset for your brand.

Be bold. Be brilliant. Be unforgettable. Be “Flamingo.”

With its sophisticated and stylish appeal, Tessa brings a touch of high-end elegance to your online presence. The organized copy ensures that your message is communicated clearly and effectively, making it a breeze for your audience to navigate and absorb the information you present.

Be bold and grab attention with this stunning Showit website template. Editorial high-end boho vibe, with the Mahara template. Strikingly different on all levels with just the perfect mix of images and text to sell your work! Grow your brand with the podcast page and educate with the blog design that is sure to be unique and one of a kind because it’s far from the average blog design.

Site Pages Include: 

Home, About, Experience, Podcast, Gallery, Contact, 404, Privacy Policy, Coming Soon, Instagram, Branding, Blog Page, Blog Single Post Page, Blog Page, Blog 404 

Meet Sydney Harbor – an architectural gem in the Showit template world.

Designed for the bold visionary, Sydney Harbor is your key to a minimalist yet impactful online presence.

Perfectly suited for coaches and course creators, this template provides over 25 beautifully crafted coaching-centric pages, giving you everything you need to show and grow your business for years to come.

Why Choose Sydney Harbor?

Sydney Harbor isn’t just a template; it’s an investment in your business’s future. With its modern, minimalist design and robust features, you’ll have a powerful tool to showcase your services, connect with your audience, and drive growth.

Plus, she cute 😉

She’s Packed with Pages:

Sydney Harbor Template Image

Sydney Harbor Template flatlay

Sydney Harbor Template Sales Pages

And Features:

• Comprehensive Layouts: All the pages you need for building a sales funnel.
• Minimalist Design: Clean, impactful aesthetics that highlight your content.
• Fully Customizable: Easily adjust colors, fonts, and layouts to match your brand.
• Responsive Design: Looks stunning on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
• SEO Friendly: Optimized for better search engine rankings.
• User-Friendly: No coding required; simple drag-and-drop interface.

Sydney Harbor Template Responsiveness

And ready to help you grow your incredible business!

The Nutri design embodies a harmonious blend of vibrant colors and sleek, contemporary design features, ensuring it stands out in the digital landscape. The color palette, carefully curated to be visually striking and vibrant, immediately draws visitors in, evoking feelings of energy, health, and vitality.

The modern design elements integrated into Nutri’s template are not just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, offering a seamless user experience. Including animated navigation menus, every aspect of the design is optimized to engage visitors and guide them through their wellness journey.

Whether it’s a nutritionist looking to showcase their expertise, a fitness coach promoting healthy living, or a wellness center offering holistic services, the Nutri’s design provides the ideal platform to highlight their offerings. Its clean layout and intuitive interface make it easy for visitors to access valuable information, inspiring them to take positive steps towards improving their well-being.

Nutri is more than just a template—it’s a dynamic tool that empowers wellness professionals to connect with their audience, inspire action, and foster lasting health transformations.

Welcome to The High Line by Drewe and Kate! This layered site design is eye-catching, fun and bold. Perfect for content creators, bloggers, and any other small business owner who is ready to elevate their web presence with a bold design. Keep the color palette as it or use your own, but either way you can edit the shape colors, fonts, imagery and text. 

Design Features Include:

  • Coming Soon Page 
  • Five Showit Page Templates
  • 404 Page
  • Customizable SVG Shapes 
  • Coordinating Blog Design 

Step into a world of artistic brilliance with Allure. Crafted for photographers and creatives, Allure offers bold design elementsmagazine style layouts and seamless video integration. Experience the allure of this bold, beautiful design. 

With a strategically designed website template and an easy to use website platform, you’re just a few clicks away from launching your new online home!

This template comes with Heather Jones Creative’s Showit-Off eCourse, which will walk you through customizing your new website and getting familiar with Showit.

(Course access details in your receipt email)

Imagine a website that reflects the energy and innovation of your business. Adrienne is a modern, colorful, and fresh website template that’s not your average design—it makes a statement. 

Designed for modern business coaches, consultants, OBMs, VAs and service-based entrepreneurs, Adrienne allows you to showcase your expertise, enhances your credibility, and create a space that instills confidence in your potential clients.

Pages included:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Services (Coaching)
  4. Speaking
  5. Webinar & Thank You
  6. Contact
  7. Form Submitted
  8. Blog Home
  9. Blog Single Post
  10. Blog Category
  11. Terms of Use
  12. Privacy Policy
  13. 404 Page Not Found
  14. Coming Soon
  15. Newsletter Page
  16. Instagram Link In Bio

Style Words: Fresh, Modern, Innovative, Cool, Dynamic

Photos by Pexels.