Store Policies for Designers

Why use the Design Market?

  • Earn 60-75% on each sale
  • Set your own prices
  • No exclusivity lock (sell it yourself)
  • Instantly installs in the user’s account





“Designer” and “Vendor” in the store and policies shall be used interchangeably and refer to users who join to sell products on the Showit Design Market.  “Market” and “Store” shall be used interchangeably.


Commissions shall be calculated on the sale price of a purchase item after all discounts have been applied but before taxes are charged.
If the design partner status changes from active to suspended then all designs may be immediately suspended for sale, but all earned commissions will be paid out. Commission pay scales are reviewed at the end each quarter and changes apply starting the next month after you qualify for a new level.

Commission Pay Scale
# of Full Site Designs SoldDesign Partners 
Platinum 300+75% 
Gold 150+70% 
Silver 50+65% 
Copper (0-49)60% 

Qualifications to Sell

To become a designer that sells on the Showit Store you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an active Design Partner, maintaining all active requirements.
  • Maintain an active Showit subscription.

If a designer’s subscription shall lapse all payments for commissions shall be put on hold until the designer re-subscribes and their product sales may be suspended during this time. If a designer decides to discontinue their Showit subscription they will need to contact our designer team to receive all final commissions and have their vendor account closed.


Prices are set by the designer with a minimum price of $5.

An item’s price cannot be priced higher than it’s standard (non-sale) price in any other online market including the designer’s own store.

Promotion Participation

All designs in the Showit Design Market shall participate in all Showit sales campaigns.

Designers may also request a sale discount period be set on their own products.

Display of Products

The display and order of site designs shall be determined by Showit and may be changed at any time.


The designer agrees to license the purchased designs for use inside of one (1) Showit account per purchase.


Commissions shall be calculated on the net price of a purchase item after all discounts have been applied but before taxes are charged.

Commission Payments

Commissions will be calculated at the end of each calendar month. Payments will be made if the current commission balance is higher than $50.  Unpaid credits will roll over to the next months until they meet the minimum payout threshold stated above. Payments will be made by the 15th of the following calendar month and all payments will be made via PayPal (set PayPal email under your designer profile).

Store Credits

Store credits are viewed as a form of payment and won’t affect any commission calculation.


Showit reserves the right to refund a customer within 45 days of purchase if it’s in the best interest of the customer, designer’s reputation, and/or Showit’s reputation. The purchased design would be deleted and disabled, and commissions generated by the sale would be revoked.

Quality Control

If it is determined that a design is not appropriately formatted for customer use the design may be temporarily removed from the store and the designer will be notified to make changes to resolve the issues or remove the design entirely.

Decommissioning of Designs

Showit at it’s own discretion may determine to decommission designs for any reason.

Changes to Policy

Showit Inc. reserves the right to change the terms of these Store Policies for Designers without notice. You are responsible for reviewing these Store Policies for Designers prior to becoming a Vendor. Remaining a vendor after any changes to these policies acknowledges your agreement to the then current Store Policies for Designers.